Appointed office two weeks ago: VW fires software boss

Less than two weeks ago, Christian Senger officially took over the chief position at Car.Software.Org. Behind the bulky name is one of the central future projects of VW boss Herbert Diess. He is currently messing up the leadership of several Volkswagen units.

According to a newspaper report, former BMW manager Christian Senger loses his position as head of software at Volkswagen. He will have to vacate his position as head of the Car.Software.Org software unit, which was founded just two weeks ago, and as a member of the board of directors of the core brand VW, the "Handelsblatt" reported, citing corporate groups. There were internal disputes between Senger and "some factions". Software problems with the ID.3 and Golf 8 models also caused concern, the newspaper said. The position as software manager previously held by Senger is central to the development of new electric vehicles. Volkswagen declined to comment at the request of the Reuters news agency.

Senger's departure coincides with a broad reorganization of the leadership in numerous VW areas. Among other things, CEO Herbert Diess has just changed the top of the Traton truck division. The daughters Skoda and Audi also get new bosses. Last but not least, CEO Diess himself had to hand over the management of the VW core brand after he was rattled together with parts of the Supervisory Board. Diess itself had come under pressure due to the delays in the new Golf 8 and ID.3 models, which are considered extremely important.

According to "Handelsblatt", Senger created enemies and envious members of the group's management team when building Car.Software.Org. Because the new unit, which is to create a completely own car operating system, plays a central role in Diess' future strategy for VW. Only Sengers claims that she can secure the "sovereignty" of Volkswagen over her own vehicles. According to the "Handelsblatt" managers of other units and also the works councils viewed Senger's work critically. He had not adequately explained what he needed the resources for.

According to the report, nothing will change about the priority for the creation of an own operating system after Senger's removal. As a result, it is still unclear what will become of the top manager. VW is openly trying to keep it within the group.