Apprentice Adventurers 7: Mélanie rings the bell because of Bastos, a returning pair

Big twist in “Les Apprentis aventuriers”. No longer able to stand her partner Bastos, Mélanie decided to ring the bell. Télé Star tells you.

It was a huge twist that took place in “Les Apprentis aventuriers 7”. In the episode of Thursday February 16, 2024, Mélanie Dedigama indeed asked Bastos to discuss after several days of radio silence. Annoyed by his behavior towards her, the young woman revealed everything to her. “When I arrived in this adventure, I never would have imagined that we would be together. I thought that I would have someone else, even someone I didn’t know. When I saw you that was very complicated for me. I tried as best I could to ignore everything that happened in the past by telling myself that maybe things had changed but I realized that certain traits of your personality bring back things in me that I cannot erase. she told him.

For seven years, Mélanie Dedigama suffered from constant attacks from Bastos. “You built your business on your exes” he reminded him before he defended himself by saying that in this adventure they were not exes but teammates. “I can no longer continue this adventure with you (…) I am thinking about my well-being. You never respected me, you’re doing it now to redeem your image.” she then announced to him.

With a determined step and in tears, Mélanie Dedigama therefore took the direction of the bell to ring it, despite Bastos’ apologies. “It’s nothing serious and I don’t understand why she can’t get past it.” he asked. The support of his friend Vivian didn’t change anything either. “Vivian if you love me and want my happiness, you let me go.” she asked him.

Apprentice Adventurers 7: Mélanie rings the bell, a pair returns

Following his decision, the entire beach expressed its astonishment. “The great adventurer who came back for the second time rang the bell, I can’t believe it.” said Benoît. “I am disgusted. I’m disappointed, there were better things to do than ruin everything like that. Ringing the bell is not glorious.” only reacted Bastos, who had rung her seven years ago. Following his abandonment, it was two Giovanni and Cassandra, the first pair eliminated, who returned to the adventure to form a pair with Louana and Gabriel.”I missed it” assured the young man. “It’s my worst nightmare.” declared Cassandra. So, what does the adventure have in store? To be continued.

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