April weather in Carinthia – From 30 degrees and sunshine to rain and snow

Winter coats and hoods have been out of the box in parts of Carinthia since Tuesday, as a cold front is even causing snowfall.

It has been raining heavily in Central and Lower Carinthia since Tuesday morning. And it stays that way until the evening. Even Mrs. Holle stops by; the snow line drops to 500 meters in some places by the evening. It has been snowing on the Pack and Katschberg since the morning, where snow chains are also required. The temperatures drop to one to four degrees. Mix of clouds and some sun. Typical April weather will set in from Wednesday. A mix of clouds and sun awaits us in the coming days and at the weekend, although it can get slightly wet from time to time. The values ​​reach a maximum of 14 degrees. It gets particularly cold at night, when temperatures are only just above zero. “30 degrees in April, like last weekend in Carinthia – such values ​​are unusual and do not correspond to the norm, these were absolute record values. Now we have the classic weather, suitable for the current season!” says Ubimet meteorologist Nikolas Zimmermann.
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