Aptorum Group Announces Clinical Validation Update of its Liquid Biopsy Infectious Disease Detection RPIDD Technology

Aptorum Group Limited (Nasdaq: APM, Euronext Paris: APM) (“Aptorum Group” or “Aptorum”), a clinical-phase biopharmaceutical company focused on innovative technologies for the treatment and diagnosis of infectious diseases, announces that its subsidiary Aptorum Innovations Holding Limited (“Aptorum Innovations”) has initiated clinical validation of its liquid biopsy rapid pathogen diagnostic molecular technology (“RPIDD”) for the diagnosis of pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Aptorum Innovations is pleased to announce that as part of ongoing clinical validations in Singapore for RPIDD technology, 12 patients have been enrolled, who have febrile neutropenia and septic conditions, and that more than 53 samples have been collected. and analyzed. Several bacteria and viruses were detected in samples from these patients, including Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Herpesviridae. The data were cross-validated by standard diagnostic results, such as blood culture technology. RPIDD achieved the sensitivity and analytical specificity of spicular samples capped at 100% and 90% respectively, in both shallow (60,000 reads) and high depth (1 million reads) sequencing. RPIDD will continue to be validated during 2022, in parallel with its pre-market process in 2022.

Mr. Ian Huen, CEO and Executive Director of Aptorum Group: “We are very pleased to announce this important update on our RPIDD technology. The high sensitivity and specificity demonstrated so far supports our goal of delivering technology through Rapid, accurate and cost-effective liquid biopsy for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. We hope that RPIDD will revolutionize traditional approaches to first-line clinical diagnosis, which are time-consuming and fail to detect and identify disease-causing pathogens. ‘a rapid molecular diagnostic approach for infectious diseases will significantly reduce mortality and morbidity. In 2022, we will launch the pre-market processes for our RPIDD technology, including the identification of clinical partners to support its deployment.”

About Aptorum’s Rapid Pathogen Identification and Detection (RPIDD) technology

RPIDD is an innovative rapid molecular diagnostic technology for the detection of pathogens by liquid biopsy. Proprietary technologies are under development to enrich pathogenic DNA / RNA for analyzes leveraging the power of next-generation sequencing platforms and proprietary AI-based software analyzes with the goal of rapidly identifying and detecting any foreign pathogen (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites) through its genomic composition and to identify other unknown pathogens and new mutated pathogens. RPIDD technology continues to be known to be validated in human samples and, so far, this type of test has detected pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viruses) with an objective approach. RPIDD is currently being validated in humans.

About Aptorum Group Limited

Aptorum Group Limited (Nasdaq: APM, Euronext Paris: APM) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic agents to treat diseases with unmet medical needs, in particular in oncology (including orphan indications in oncology) and infectious diseases. Aptorum’s pipeline is also enriched through (i) the establishment of drug discovery platforms that enable the discovery of new therapeutic actives through, for example, systematic screening of existing approved drug molecules, and a microbiome-based research platform for the treatment of metabolic diseases; and (ii) the co-development, with Accelerate Technologies Pte Ltd, the commercialization arm of the Singapore Science, Technology and Research Agency, of innovative molecular technology to rapidly identify pathogens and perform screening diagnostics. .

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