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Horoscope for Saturday, July 4, 2020 for Aquarius

You complain about having too many activities but get depressed as soon as you get bored. Morally, the busier you are the less concerned you are. The tandem Venus / Mars animates the movement. Any move or change of environment gives you fishing and a smile. You display more energy outside than at home. By respecting the safety rules, of course.

Sunday, July 5, 2020 horoscope for Aquarius

The house is always full, this is not to displease you. The friends of your darling or your children very quickly become your friends. We also plan a lot of projects and activities. Thinking about it together strengthens complicity. Single, the period is more favorable to flirt than to live a great love story. But nothing prevents the bluette from turning to passion, when hearts beat in unison.

Monday, July 6, 2020 horoscope for Aquarius

Your little voice tells you that you are good to go in this direction. However, it is enough for a loved one to put your choice in all, so that you are about to turn back. Remember, the heart knows but does not know. The head knows but does not know. What is more, the head of another. Also, listen to your heart and take great strides.

Horoscope for Tuesday, July 7 2020 for Aquarius

"Chorando estará, ao lembrar de um amor Que um dia não soube cuidar"No need to get your throat off if the current or your messages are struggling to get through. Dance instead! Dance" la Lambada "(a thought for the sparkling and late Loalwa Braz). And if you don't dance, act. Actions will be much more meaningful. A way also to put your entourage before the fait accompli.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 horoscope for Aquarius

"Nobody believes in you as I believe Nobody, nobody I will be there even if it were not to stay Nobody, nobody" What a beautiful declaration of love of Clara Luciani to her sister, when she evokes their Siamese hearts. Someone believes in you, and lets you know. By encouraging you to use your talents. Because in his eyes, you have everything to spare.

Horoscope for Thursday, July 9, 2020 for Aquarius

March gives you the right tips for changing orientation in the best conditions. Negotiations to conduct to benefit from advantages that meet your expectations. And a social shift to start soon (moving, transfer). Once the transformation is successful, the mission accomplished, you can enjoy a comfortable situation at leisure

Friday, July 10, 2020 horoscope for Aquarius

Now is the time for explanations, which you require before knowing whether or not you are entering the relationship. The strangest thing is his strong feelings that connect you to your partner, and vice versa. But there is a blockage somewhere, not easy to resolve. The problem may be related to the past of one or the other (a page that can not turn for example).

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