ARA-3 takes off – a modern helicopter arrives at Nassfeld

Another rescue helicopter will support RK1 in Upper Carinthia in the winter months. Away from the slopes, the new aircraft should ensure more safety in the Gail and Lesach valleys. The new ARA-3 is stationed on the Nassfeld.

After the death of the air ambulance operator at Nassfeld, there was a risk of a ski season without emergency medical first aid. “The ARA air ambulance was able to obtain all official approvals. We want to take off for the first time on December 18, ”explains Thomas Jank, Managing Director of ARA Flugrettung.Pilot, air rescue and emergency doctor on boardThe new Airbus helicopter will be on the road with a pilot, air rescue and emergency doctor. “The nickname is ARA-3,” says base manager Philipp Heidenreich. This not only ensures safety in the Nassfeld ski area. Away from the ski slopes, the new helicopter will also fly emergency missions in the Gail and Lesach valleys. This means that the RK1 rescue helicopter stationed in Fresach receives support in the winter months.
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