Archer, Match Group’s new gay dating app

Not content to already have Tinder, OkCupid, Meetic or even Hinge in its fold, Match Group has announced the launch of a new dating app called Archer. But this time, the group steps out of their comfort zone as they enter the gay dating market, where Grindr reigns supreme. Archer, which defines itself first as a social application, which aims to build a community rather than just facilitating dates, is aimed at gay, bisexual and queer men.

“The dating experience for this community has evolved from a place of anonymity to celebration and pride, and Archer has been developed to reflect that progress by prioritizing community, self-expression and user safety”, the company said in a statement. To support her remarks, she indicates that she designed the application with the support of Glaad, an American media monitoring association working to denounce discrimination and attacks against LGBT people in the media.

She also spoke to hundreds of people from this community. “We’ve relied on community feedback to create the unique platform experience they’re looking for to empower men to be their full selves and connect truly and more safely with others”explained Archer’s chief product officer.

Safety features for the community

In terms of functionality, we know that the app will offer three ways to navigate: by viewing one profile at a time, by displaying a grid of 15 profiles, or even more broadly with dozens of profiles. Users will also be able to follow each other, which changes the operation by “match”.

The company says it will add “ephemeral content sharing options, creating a more seamless way for app users to connect and create content, as well as group chats to help users build communities on the app”.

And on the security side, Archer will impose age and identity verification by selfie during registration. Users will be required to maintain a verified photo that includes their face as their primary profile photo.

For now, Archer will take his first steps in New York, and should conquer Washington and Los Angeles by the end of the year. Before, perhaps, an international expansion.

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