Archie on OCS: impossible to recognize this Harry Potter villain under Cary Grant’s makeup!

He is one of the legends of cinema: Cary Grant is told in a biopic series “Archie”, available on OCS. And in the role of actor, Harry Potter fans will be delighted to find a certain Jason Isaacs, aka Lucius Malfoy.

What is it about ?

Cary Grant, 58, already a cinema monument and favorite actor of Alfred Hitchcock, feels alone in Los Angeles after his third divorce. He then recalls memories of his childhood in England and the trauma that resulted from them. At the same time, he meets a young actress, the sublime Dyan Cannon, more than thirty years his junior.

Who is it with?

A great actor required a performer who was just as great. It is Jason Isaacs who here lends his features to the English celebrity. The former interpreter of Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter) is unrecognizable as an elderly Grant, with extensive facial prosthetics and artificial tan. Laura Aikman, seen in Liar, plays the starlet Dyan Cannon, who will become his wife.

Is it worth a look?

This is an event mini-series that OCS is launching today. Archie takes us into the intimacy of the great English film star Cary Grant. Between 1930 and 1960, he toured with the greatest of his time: Leo McCarey (This sacred truth), Howard Hawks (The Impossible Monsieur Bébé), George Cukor (Indiscretions), Frank Capra (Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles) and even Alfred Hitchcock (Death on the Trail).

Who really was Cary Grant, once the cameras were off? This is what this new production invites us to discover, which is inspired by the biography of his 4th wife, Dyan Cannon, entitled “Dear Cary: My Life with Cary Grant”.

Warner Bros. /ocs

If you don’t know anything about his life, don’t worry. This biopic is above all the portrait of a man who only asked to be loved, to the point of making it his profession. We follow him over several temporalities: from the death of his brother to his beginnings in Hollywood, including the tragedy experienced by his mother. When he still called himself Archie Leach, his real name, in fact.

If Grant was presented as a sunny character to those close to him, in private, he suffered from loneliness. And this is what shines through in the writing of the series and in the acting of Jason Isaacs who does a remarkable job: from his diction to his facial expressions, including his physical transformation, he manages to be sometimes tortured (even monstrous ), sometimes luminous. Like the star he plays.

Archie, two episodes to watch now on OCS.

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