Are disabled spaces soon accessible for pregnant women?

The LR deputy for Corrèze, Frédérique Meunier, has tabled a bill to allow pregnant women to park in parking spaces for the disabled.

It is an idea ! After having made the observation that "Future mothers have more and more difficulties to park and access the city center", Frédérique Meunier, Member of Parliament for Corrèze (LR), tabled on Tuesday March 9 a bill aimed at authorizing pregnant women to park in spaces reserved for the disabled, as reported by Capital.

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In this text, the idea proposed would be to allow expectant mothers to benefit from the mobility inclusion parking card (CMI). This would be assigned to them from the sixth month of pregnancy until term. They would be provided with a badge to affix to the windshield.

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Permanent parking spaces?

While in some cities in France, such as Villennes-sur-Seine (Yvelines), parking spaces exclusively reserved for pregnant women have emerged, Frédérique Meunier would like this kind of initiative to spread throughout the national territory. " There is a real concern about parking for pregnant women, while the spaces for disabled people are often empty ”, she declared.

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In her bill, the deputy imagines that pregnant women should obtain authorization from the prefecture to have the right to park in parking spaces reserved for disabled people and their companions in parking places open to the public. This laissez-passer would be obtained at the prefecture, after presenting a medical certificate and making a declaration of honor.

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