Are dreams trying to send us a message?

Alexandre Dalifard
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7:21 p.m., November 29, 2022

What if your dreams had a message for you? You feel like your brain is playing tricks on you at night, yet it’s important to listen to it when you wake up. For Florence LautrĂ©dou, coach and psychoanalyst invited by Well done for you on Europe 1, some of his dreams told him that it was time to end a love story or even quit a job. How can the dream make us make these kinds of decisions? What does it tell us?

“For the love story, it was the end of the adventure, there weren’t really any more connections. One day, I was having a very good evening with friends. During this weekend, we I was supposed to go there as a couple and yet I went alone. In the morning, a very metallic voice that wasn’t mine said to me, ‘The time has come to go’. It was surgically clear. and I think it was from my guardian angel or from my soul. If I hadn’t listened to that dream or that voice, it wouldn’t have been very good for me,” she explains.

“Some people don’t have a script but wake up with a simple melody in their head. I invite you to find the song behind it because the lyrics will often be the message”, underlines Florence LautrĂ©dou.

Write down your dreams

Upon awakening, it is often difficult to remember a dream. Why ? “If we simplify, there is always a conflict between our unconscious which has messages to convey to us, and our conscious which is often taken by the possible worries and anxiety. During the night, the unconscious can send us messages Only our mind, which does not always like the changes in our life, will censor these messages. The best way to do this is to prevent us from remembering our dreams. This explains why we recommend people who want to remember to write them down,” she says.

The image, good or bad, which catches the individual during the dream, always has a message behind that only the person concerned can understand.

Hypnosis to improve sleep

Benjamin Lubszynski, hypnotherapist and author of the book Master the superpowers of hypnosis!, admits that this medicine can be used to improve sleep and make it deeper. “In a clinical trial, we did the following experiment: we were a fish and we plunged deeper and deeper into the sea. The results indicated that the deeper we were in the water, the deeper the sleep. In the opposite direction too, sleep is lighter if you stay on the surface”, he explains.

“Hypnosis allows you to have a deeper and therefore more restorative sleep. It can also be used to work on nightmares and therefore on dreams”, concludes the hypnotherapist.

Lucid dreaming as therapy?

A question often arises when we talk about dreams: can we control them? Asked about the subject, Benjamin Lubszynski tells us about the “lucid dream”. “What is it? Simply a dream of which we become aware”, he defines. Through it, several things can happen. “It is possible to change the scenery and for those who are really trained in lucid dreams, it is possible to decide the dream you want, to make it wonderful”, specifies the hypnotherapist.

Today, neuroscientists are interested in this subject and seek to understand the interest that lucid dreaming can have on the brain. “Will we be able to heal trauma? Will we be able to work on mourning? Can talking to a deceased person help in mourning? We don’t know yet but all this is in the process of be studied.”

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