Are “gender-neutral” toy departments the future?


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In California, a law could impose the creation of “gender-neutral” toy departments in department stores.

A few days ago, the California Senate passed a bill which could force state stores employing more than 500 workers to create “non-gendered” toy departments, in other words: neutral, neither explicitly dedicated to a female audience nor to a male audience. This text – which has yet to be voted on by the California House of Representatives, then submitted to the governor before being promulgated – will not, however, prohibit the existence of “sections dedicated to girls and boys”, but simply provides the creation of a new kind of rays.

Evan Low – elected at the origin of this bill – declared in a statement to AFP: “We must stop stigmatizing children and put them in boxes telling them what they should like under gender stereotypes from another age “.

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The idea for the “non-gendered” toy shelves came to Evan Low after hearing a collaborator recount how her daughter asked her if she could appropriate certain toys on the shelves that were “not dedicated” to her. girl, or if she had to be a boy for that.
If it ends up being promulgated, this law provides that a “reasonable selection of childcare products and toys is on display“in these so-called” non-gendered “rays. Violators could then face fines.

While supporters of this text point the finger price disparities existing between the current girls (more expensive) and boys departments in order to support their remarks, its detractors on the contrary evoke obstruction of free trade.

Time of the end of stereotypes to which children are exposed from an early age finally about to ring? Toys could soon no longer be exclusively assigned to a particular genre, which would be a great step forward for the adults of tomorrow!

Gendered toys? Stop!

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