Are Martin Blachier and Gérald Kierzek friends?

Little known to the general public before the Covid-19 crisis, the two doctors multiplied the interventions in the media about the management of the pandemic and regularly scratched the government. Their union is not only a facade because they also rub shoulders in their private lives.

Martin Blachier and Gérald Kierzek are certainly among the members of the most publicized French medical profession for several months. If they each intervene on their side, the two men know each other, appreciate each other and are even friends. So, interviewed by Gala last week (issue published on January 13, 2022), the epidemiologist doctor returned to his link with his colleague. The 36-year-old revealed that he received his third injection of the vaccine from the syringe of Gérard Kierzek, an emergency physician and health columnist.

To support his point, Martin Blachier even revealed the snapshot taken at the time of the vaccination. In what appears to be a selfie, the pair appear to be having a good time judging by the smiles they both wear under their masks. If the two men are not vaccine refractory for adults but oppose its administration to children, the list of their common points does not stop there. Martin Blachier is indeed completely opposed to the pass vaccinal and said yesterday on LCP that he was “totally anachronistic.Gérald Kierzek explained on Europe 1 this Wednesday to be in favor of a total lifting of health restrictions.

© Martin Blachier/ personal collectionMartin Blachier is administered his third dose of vaccine by Gérald Kierzek

Some strong opposition within the profession

But the positions of the two men are not to everyone’s taste. For example, a few days ago, it was the epidemiologist Dominique Costagliola who attacked them in the columns of the‘Express. She said thus: “Their speech is based on nothing but an incredible claim. ” A few days earlier, an emergency doctor had estimated that the two men “denied the truth” and apostrophized them on Twitter: “I propose (real proposal, I really invite you) to spend a day with me.” in a message alluding to an overnight call in the emergency room.

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