Are Marvel creators planning entire Netflix universe? “The Gray Man” should become a series

“The Gray Man”, the most expensive Netflix film to date, has been available on the streaming platform since July 22nd. The agent action thriller starring Ryan Gosling has cost more than 200 million US dollars. In it, he plays CIA agent Court Gentry, who is targeted by his own people after he uncovered an explosive state secret. The ruthless killer Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) is in charge of the manhunt that goes around the world, and he uses every means to reach his goal.

With such high production costs, it is only logical that Netflix expects a correspondingly large success from “The Gray Man”. In terms of viewership and any new subscriptions, that will certainly happen – although the critics have not received the film very favorably so far. But for Netflix, only the black numbers usually count anyway. And they are particularly important with “The Gray Man”, since the streaming provider not only wants to recoup its production costs, but also wants to create an entire film universe from the agent action thriller. This was revealed in an interview by Joe Russo, who shot “The Gray Man” with his brother Anthony.

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