Are there festivals again in Wengen on the original Lauberhorn descent?

Beat Feuz with a strong ride

Beat Feuz with an incredible ride.

He of all people, Vincent Kriechmayr of all people, the Austrian who was able to travel to Wengen late after his corona illness and therefore did not complete any real downhill training. The 30-year-old was only allowed to start on Friday and Saturday thanks to a special permit he received from the racing jury.

“A cheek,” said Walter Reusser. On the other hand, the Swiss alpine boss had nothing against a victory for Kriechmayr. “If Kriechmayr wins, I’ll be happy for him. After all, he was the best on the mountain, »he said on Friday. And that’s exactly what happened on Saturday, Kriechmayr won the Lauberhorn for the second time after 2019. Already three years ago he pushed Feuz to second place – now again.

Odermatt just missed the podium

“The ride was anything but perfect, today it was a feat of strength,” said the Emmentaler on SRF. Nobody skied perfectly today, that’s simply not possible after five days on the Lauberhorn. But that was whining at a very high level, Feuz admitted. He was happy about the audience: “We are not used to that for two years.”

After all, with the 34-year-old, at least one Swiss driver made it onto the podium in the third speed race this weekend. The Swiss had already impressed on Thursday and Friday – especially Marco Odermatt. The 24-year-old immediately won the Super-G at his Premier on the Lauberhorn and a day later he raced to second place behind Aleksander Kilde and ahead of Feuz on the shortened descent. On the original route, Odermatt missed the podium by a tiny two hundredths.

“Fourth place today is the best performance here. I’m very, very satisfied,” said Odermatt. You don’t have to look for the marginal deficit on the podium, you won’t find it.

The last race by Carlo Janka

Here the Swiss ski star Carlo Janka drives his last race in the World Cup. (Video: SRF)

Carlo Janka, who contested his last race with the downhill and thus ended his career, fell. Luckily, the man from Graubünden got off lightly and was able to cross the finish line unhurt. There the 35-year-old was celebrated by the Swiss audience. (huh)

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