Are tigers drugged? The show's trainer responds

These last days, many are the debates around the treatment of tigers which are in the program Fort Boyard. Are they drugged? The trainer in charge of these animals for thirty years answers.

by Melanie Bonvard

Following the broadcast of the program Fort Boyard, with Hugo Clément, a great defender of the animal cause, many Internet users question the treatment of animals in this successful show. On Twitter, an Internet user judges Hugo Clément's engaged speech contradictory by testifying to his participation in Fort Boyard. He explains : "I'm dying, Hugo Clément he makes tearful Konbini videos to us to talk about the breeding of chickens in battery, on the other hand, to participate in Fort Boyard where the fucking TIGERS are being held on sedatives in a concrete fort, no problem, let's go where the kittens are. " Following the controversy, Hugo Clément explained himself on the subject, declaring to have refused to participate in the tests with animals. On Instagram, he wrote in particular through a post: "Like when I first participated two years ago, I refused to take part in events involving animals. You know my beliefs on this subject: I am fiercely opposed to the captivity of wild animals for entertainment purposes. , as is the case on the Fort " before adding: "Tigers have nothing to do behind bars in the middle of the ocean, and reptiles or insects aren't things I want to play with."

The living conditions of the tigers during the filming of the Fort Boyard show were therefore called into question. More and more Internet users have opened the debate, wondering if the animals were not drugged. That is why CheckNews contacted Thierry Le Portier, the show's trainer. According to him, these tigers come from Puy du Fou and are transported to the Fort for the needs of the show. Working on Fort Boyard for more than thirty years, the trainer has ensured that these animals are not, under any circumstances, drugged. He explains: "We must distinguish two types of animals. zoo animals, which never move and are lightly kicked when it comes to moving them because they are not used to it. And the animals that work, and who don't need to be given anything because they are used to traveling, and like it "

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Video by Clemence Chevallet