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While there are many romantic behaviors to be wary of, one thing is for sure: cookie jarring is one of them. Find out without further delay what it is.

Ghosting, firedooring, curving, paperclipping… So many neologisms in ing, qualifying our romantic relationships and which we should be wary of! And now a new trend has been added to the list: it is the cookie jarring, a most toxic behavior when practiced to the detriment of one of the partners.

Is the person who shares your life distant? Little invested in the relationship and never projects? Worse, he or she struggles to put a name on the story that unites you and always plans to see you at the last moment ? In this case, you may be victim of cookie jarring ! In this article, we tell you all about this toxic love trend.
Getting to know the cookie jarringis to be able to identify it and therefore to better avoid it. That’s why, if you are looking for a lasting relationship, you’d better read on …

What is the cookie jarring ?

To better understand what is the cookie jarring, we must already look at the name of this amorous behavior which would, at first glance, have more tendency to make us hungry than to make us flee. If the latter does indeed refer to the terms “cookie jar”, which means “cookie jar”, it is because it refers to the fact of acting with the other as if it were a cookie kept warm on hand for the days when we have “nothing else to eat.” Cruel, this relationship which is not greedy poses a real problem when it is unbalanced, in short: when one of the partners is involved while it is for the other onlya plan B. Also know that it is not rare that there is not only one cookie in the jar … The victims of cookie jarring can be multiple!

Cookie jarring and fear of abandonment

Among the followers of this love manipulation, several profiles stand out. Already there is unconvinced people by relation in which they find themselves, who choose to look for something else elsewhere while ensuring their rear. Still others are simply not not participating in exclusivity and prefer to hide it from their partner. Sometimes this toxic behavior can also be indicative of a real fear of abandonment, whether she is more or less conscious. Indeed, by acting in this way, people fearing loneliness ensure that they have several partners at their disposal in case one of them leaves them. The problem is that the cookie jarring is clearly not the solution and does not bring anything good: in addition to causing harm around evil around it, the person risks ending up seeing the situation backfired.

“Paperclipping”, even worse than ghosting?

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