are you expert in general culture?

With friends or family, you think you will surpass, by far, everyone in terms of general culture. But to be sure, take a few minutes and take the test.

History, literature, celebrities, animals, geography of France, countries and wonders of the world … General culture, which can be very useful in life, is worked on day after day. Bonus: behind each historical fact noted or knowledge transmitted, our vision of the world is enriched, evolves, and general culture therefore helps us to better understand it. A good reason to look for little information everywhere, from magazines to social networks and conversations between friends. turn out to be great fun.

Did you know, for example, to whom we owe the expression “iron curtain”? To Winston Churchill in his famous Fulton speech, delivered on March 5, 1946, eight months after he lost power. Or again: in France, in what year were women able to manage their own property and exercise a professional activity without their husbands’ consent? It was in 1965 that the husband ceased to be the “head of the family” who decides everything. Obvious. Finally … Did you answer really well?

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert, this quiz will allow you to determine your level of general knowledge but also to point out your gaps in certain disciplines. The whole thing, without complex because one cannot be learned in all the fields and especially, because the life remains a long way of learning …

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Celine Peschard

Journalist who loves the versatility that his profession can offer. Specialized in the historical field, social subjects and author films, against a background of electronic music. University curriculum based on …