Are you good at Halo 2? Win $20,000 by completing a never before done in 18 year challenge

A streamer has issued an almost impossible challenge to Halo 2 fans: complete the game on an extreme difficulty setting, with all the penalties possible and imaginable. He will give $20,000 to whoever succeeds.

Here’s a crazy challenge that could keep you busy all summer. As PCGamesN reported in a post on July 17, streamer Charlie ‘Cr1tikal’ White (10 million YouTube subscribers) set a near-impossible challenge: complete Halo 2 in its most extreme difficulty mode, with several maluses activated. The task is so difficult that he recently increased the reward from $5,000 to $20,000 (about €19,500).

This is considered the biggest challenge that currently exists in the world of video games. It hasn’t been done by anyone in 18 years “says Charlie White in a video posted on July 16. He adds : ” In the last three weeks, in all the streams I watched, 99% of people didn’t even pass the first level. He admits himself not to survive after the first two plays, which gives an idea of ​​the difficulty.

What exactly is this challenge?

Halo 2: Anniversary // Source: Microsoft

How to win $20,000 playing Halo 2?

Here are the conditions to achieve the impossible in Halo 2 (regardless of the version):

Skulls are modifiers that influence gameplay, often to the player’s disadvantage. Shield that does not regenerate, even more powerful and resistant (and camouflaged) enemies, less ammunition to pick up…: so many penalties that are added to the basic obstacles and explain why no one, for the moment, is able to go to the end. Not to mention the immense constraint of staying alive from start to finish.

Be careful, there is a skull that is not allowed: the one called Envy, which allows you to become invisible and therefore offers a bonus that is too powerful. And, of course, you cannot use external aids, such as mods which would make aiming easier. The smartest can nevertheless use the bugs present in the game, if indeed they can become an advantage. On this subject, Charlie White advises to opt for the first edition ofHalo 2 (the one released in 2004 on Xbox) rather than the Anniversary version (available on Xbox and PC). The latter eliminates several bugs and is more difficult (enemies shoot faster).

It’s a 6-7 hour trial where you have to play perfectly with very few mistakes and moreover, luck has to be on your side sums up Charlie White. If you feel up to it, you can send your video to the following address. Good luck.

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