Are you looking for a good Fiber plan? Orange is selling off its Livebox for less than 20 euros per month

Until August 17, Orange is offering its Livebox Fiber offer at 19.99 euros per month, instead of 41.99 euros. A good opportunity to speed up your Internet before the start of the school year (or to stream films this summer).

What is this Orange Fiber promotion? Orange is selling off its first-price Fiber offer, the “Livebox Fibre”, at 19.99 euros per month for 1 year. Beyond 12 months, the package will switch to 41.99 euros per month. We therefore advise you to add a reminder in 11 months to change plans in time (or to request a switch to Sosh at the end of the commitment).

Is it really a good deal? Honestly Yes. Orange Fiber is reputed to be the best in France, thanks to greater stability than that of other operators. Admittedly, the Livebox 5 is not the most complete, but it will provide you with good Wi-Fi connectivity. The symmetrical 500 Mbit/s promised by Orange are excellent and should meet all your needs without problem, even if the operator markets more efficient offers (2000 Mbit/s, but they are not really usable). At this price, we also have a TV decoder with remote control (and 140 channels) and unlimited calls to landlines. Fiber installation is offered.

And the other Orange offers? sosh? The cheapest offer is not the only one on sale. The Livebox Up and the Livebox Max (2 Gbit/s) are at 25.99 euros and 34.99 euros per month, again for 12 months. If you want more, it can also be a good deal (the Up offer adds a repeater and calls to mobiles, the Max offer allows you to benefit from the new Livebox 6). On the Sosh side, on the other hand, the “Box” offer is currently on sale at 19.99 euros per month… but with 300 Mbit/s instead of 500 Mbit/s. Orange offers the best value for money. The offer is valid until August 17, exclusively online.

The three promotional offers. // Source: Orange

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