Are You The One ?: Jan Köppen becomes game director in a new dating show

The RTL love carousel continues to spin, this time in the form of the new dating show "Are You The One?". Ten single women and men are looking for their counterpart under the South African sun, which, according to experts, is definitely among the other candidates. The problem: you don't know who is for whom. It is important to find out on your own.

Jan Köppen takes the singles by the hand

Only when all ten couples have found each other correctly in the end will they win 200,000 euros together. Moderator Jan Köppen (37) oversees the search for love as a kind of "game manager, 'rule uncle' and watchdog", as he says in a conversation with the broadcaster. "The caretaker of love," he calls himself.

How big is the chance of real happiness in love on the TV show? Köppen believes that "the pairings made up by psychologists in our program have very good prerequisites for a future as lovers". However, the singles would not get a guarantee of a wedding and children by participating.

"Are you the one?" has been running on TVNow on Tuesdays since April 14th. From May 6, the double episodes will also be shown on RTL on Wednesdays from 8:15 p.m.