“Are You the One? Reality Stars in Love”: All the facts about the third season with familiar faces

“Are You the One? Reality Stars in Love”
All the facts about the third season with familiar faces

The Men of Season 3 “Are You the One? Reality Stars in Love”.

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The third season “Are You the One? Reality Stars in Love” is in the starting blocks. What can viewers expect in the new episodes?

The third season “Are You The One? Reality Stars in Love” is from August 17th available on RTL+. As usual, Sophia Thomalla (33) is the moderator. In the 21 new episodes (the reunion will be celebrated in episode 22), candidates with experience in reality TV are once again looking for their “perfect match”.

The concept

The reality dating show ‘Are You The One?’ will be broadcast since 2020. The fourth season ran from December 2022. Two seasons of the offshoot “Are You The One? Reality Stars in Love”, in which the candidates already have reality TV experience, ran in 2021 and 2022. The concept is the same in both formats. The production team pairs ten single men and women into so-called “perfect matches”. What is on the piece of paper must then be tested in practice: the singles get to know each other in a villa and have to find their “perfect match”.

In challenges, they can also earn dates and have more intensive conversations in the two-hour sessions. In the so-called “Match Box” decisions, the group can find out whether certain pairs really are a “Perfect Match”. In addition, all pairings are tested in the regular “Matching Nights”. If there are evenings when no correct pairings are found, a “blackout” occurs and the winnings are reduced. If all “Perfect Matches” are correct at the end of the season, there is a joint prize money of 200,000 euros.

Out of a total of six seasons, the singles managed five times to find the right constellations with the right strategy. In the first season “Are You The One? Reality Stars in Love” the participants went away empty-handed.

The participants

Among the candidates is Sandra Sicora (30) from Cologne, who is remembered by reality fans through the formats “Ex on the Beach” (2021), “#Couple Challenge” (2022) and “Temptation Island VIP” (2022). and says of himself: “If I notice that a guy is looking elsewhere, I lose interest.” Christina “Shakira” (25) from Queidersbach and Kim Virginia (27) from Miami represent the formats “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise”.

Paulina (20) from Cologne ventured onto the beach for “Ex on the Beach” in 2022, Alicia (29) from Neuried was seen on “Temptation Island” in 2021 and Jenny (25) from Cologne stood for “Love Island” (2021) and “Eating with my Ex” (2022) on camera. With Marie (26) from Wels, Sabrina (26) from Vienna and Stefanie (26) from Augsburg, there are also three experienced “Are You The One?” Candidates from regular seasons. And not only dating show professionals are starting: Darya (30) from Munich took part in the model show “Germany’s next top model” in 2015 and was known for her quick wit.

The participants

The candidate who can come up with the most reality show experience in season three is Mike Heiter (31) from Essen, who appeared in the formats “Love Island” (2017), “Sommerhaus der Stars” (2019), “Die Big Jungle Show” (2021) or “Battle of the Reality Stars” (2021). Marvin (28) from Aachen is not only the little brother of reality king Calvin Kleinen (31), he also has TV experience, for example in “#Couple Challenge – Winter Edition (2022)”. Paco Herb (27) from Hanover goes on the show as the “Love Island” winner of 2021 and has already appeared in “Battle of the Reality Stars”. Danilo Cristilli (26) from Villingen-Schwenningen knows reality fans from the “Love Island” and “Germany Shore” formats.

Also present are: the “Germany Shore” candidates Elia (30) from Schaffhausen and Peter (25) from Zurich, the “Bachelorette” participants Emanuell (30) from Munich and Steffen (28) from Oldenburg, the “Make Love, Fake Love” candidate Fabio (30) from Munich and the “Ex on the Beach” graduate Martini “Teezy” (28) from Düsseldorf.

The 21st candidate and thus the successor of this year’s season is Max (26), personal trainer and bartender from Waghäusel. He shook up the dating show “Make Love, Fake Love” with Yeliz Koc (29) at the beginning of the year.

First insights

A first clip promises an “Are You The One?” season, this time shot under the sun of Thailand as it should be. The candidates celebrate exuberant and revealing pool parties, get closer with turtles and kisses. In addition, Sandra Sicora bursts into tears, loud arguments including wrangling are carried out and Paco Herb correctly states: “We’re not on ‘Love Island’, but ‘Are You The One?’ A bit of strategy is needed here. “


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