Argument in bar – whiskey glass attack: victim blind in one eye

Serious argument in a bar in Wolfsberg (Carinthia): During an argument, a Styrian grabbed a whiskey glass and hit his opponent in the face.

One word led to another, until the situation in a bar in Wolfsberg escalated completely: During an argument, a 38-year-old Styrian grabbed a whiskey glass and hit his opponent with full force in the face. A more than just painful attack Victim from the Wolfsberg district. The force of the impact caused the glass to break and several splinters pierced the 26-year-old’s right eye. Hour-long operation The victim was immediately taken to the Klagenfurt Clinic, where doctors attempted to save the victim’s eyesight in an hour-long operation. Unfortunately without success. The 26-year-old Carinthian will never be able to see anything in his right eye again. The suspect from Styria was reported by the Klagenfurt public prosecutor’s office for intentionally causing serious bodily harm.
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