Ariana Grande got married in secret, here is her original ring

Ariana Grande is no longer a heart to take: engaged (for the second time) since December 2020, her ring is all the rage on the networks and you will understand why!

Ariana Grande got married in the biggest secrets this weekend! The engagement between the 27-year-old singer and 25-year-old California real estate agent Dalton Gomez was announced in December 2020 and since then the wedding date has remained unclear. Together for a little over a year, they finally got married this weekend out of sight to celebrate their union in complete privacy, with about twenty guests according to TMZ.

A secret love story

Ariana Grande found love in the arms of Dalton Gomez. After previous highly publicized romantic relationships, the couple confirmed their dating a few months after the start of their story, in January 2020. Their desire is to preserve their romance from the media and the two lovers prefer to live their relationship discreetly. and in peace, far from cameras and projectors. Everything suggests that this is beneficial to them since Dalton Gomez made his request last December and the singer did not hesitate to say “Yes”.

A very sentimental ring for Ariana Grande

Besides the thousands of dollars the engagement ring would have cost the couple, it also has sentimental value. Indeed, in 2014, Ariana Grande had shared a tweet explaining that her grandmother had made her make a ring adorned with a pearl from a tie pin of her grandfather. In her post, she explained that her grandmother had this ring made following what her grandfather would have told her: in a dream, he would have said that she had protective virtues.

According to fans, Ariana Grande’s engagement ring gifted by Dalton Gomez is made from this famous pearl and embellished with an oval diamond, but this has not yet been confirmed by the singer.

Engagement rings for all budgets

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