Ariane Ascaride gives a rant about the Covid-19 crisis: "I don't want people to talk to me like a child": Current Woman The MAG

In this coronavirus health crisis, Ariane Ascaride wants freedom. Friday, February 5, 2021, the 66-year-old actress was received on the set of C to You, broadcast on France 5, to ensure the promotion of his work entitled Hello Pa '- Letters to the ghost of my father, published by Editions du Seuil. Through several letters addressed to her deceased dad, in his book, the author discusses the Covid-19 epidemic. During the program presented by Ali Badou, the joker of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, she did not hide her anger. "Who wants to live this kind of science fiction we've been in for a year? It's hellish! ", she blurted out, before continuing: "I'm fighting the fact that I'm in some kind of open-air prison." In this unprecedented social context, where French citizens are forced to respect a curfew from 6 p.m., cannot go to the restaurant, must prove an overriding reason to travel beyond the borders of the European Union – among other government measures – Robert Guédiguian's wife sees red: "I can't stand being stopped from doing something. It's very annoying. I am completely responsible ", she lamented. And add : "I don't want people to talk to me like a child. Not at all. I hate that (…) I would like to be spoken to while respecting me, as an adult. And saying thank you. As we should say thank you to all the French because I find them, me, quite astonishing. "

Anti-Covid vaccines: "It makes no sense"

During her interview, Ariane Ascaride also protested against the vaccination campaign launched Sunday, December 27, 2020, and whose pace is strongly criticized by many French people. "It's nonsense with vaccines (…) I think they should think about it a bit. It bothers me because it's always based on profit that we think, and not human. This is what is tiring (…) We continue to smile but it's tiring ", she said, particularly recovered.

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