Ariane Geffard, the feminism agent

In the sun, on the terrace of a Parisian café, Place de la Bastille, where she has her habits, we feared for a moment that the rays would compromise her porcelain complexion. But appearances are deceptive: under her air of a delicate retro doll, Ariane Geffard has thick leather. And the adventurous temperament. In this new school year, the 36-year-old literary agent, who created her structure five years ago with her partner, Laura Biberson, and specialized at the right time in supporting feminist authors, has bread. on Plate.

His stable is everywhere: Camille Emmanuelle, the wife of the designer Luz, tells about his after-Charlie in Ricochets (Grasset), singer Clara Ysé, daughter of psychoanalyst Anne Dufourmantelle, publishes her first novel, Firing (Grasset), Titiou Lecoq his new story, The Great Forgotten (The Iconoclast), Mathieu Palain released his second novel at the end of August, Don’t stop running (The Iconoclast), while waiting of course for Mona Chollet. The committed essayist, who became a benchmark in 2018 with Witches (260,000 copies sold), presents, on September 16, an essay with a stimulating theme: how to love men when you are a feminist, Reinventing love. How the patriarchy sabotages heterosexual relationships (Discovery).

Daughter of an MLF activist

Upstream of these publications, Ariane Geffard helped choose the publishers and negotiated the contracts. Downstream, she is busy managing successes (or disappointments) and making fame grow, by selling audiovisual rights for film, podcast or series adaptations, by reflecting with the authors on the right career strategy. , by facilitating fertile encounters with producers, editors, programmers, to make the careers of its clients flourish. While the #metoo movement has given a facelift to the word “feminism”, generating in the middle of the book a greed for projects on the issue, Ariane Geffard has plenty to do.

If she has been looking for a while, has known a few years “Professional wandering”, this native of Bordeaux, on the other hand, she assures, never had any doubts about her commitment. Daughter of an MLF activist – who today manages the branch devoted to children’s literature within her structure -, bathed since childhood “In the culture of social struggles “, she would have, she said, printed this coloring on any loom: “If I had been a teacher, I would have been a feminist teacher. “

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