ARK: Survival Ascended, first image for the remaster with Unreal Engine 5

Studio Wildcard has a lot to do to get his community on his side with ARK: Survival Ascended. As a reminder, this is a remastered version ofARK: Survival Evolveda survival game with dinosaurs that had spent many years in Early Access. The studio preferred to release DLC paying rather than perfectly optimizing its title, but here, the official servers are closed and you will have to go back to checkout to benefit from this remaster.

A time expected last August, ARK: Survival Ascended is due to be released during the month of October 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, players are waiting, but Studio Wildcard returns with good news. The studio claims thathe sent certification versions of the game to distributorswho will first validate them before publishing ASA. If all goes well, the title should be on time.

In the meantime, the developers share a first image from ARK: Survival Ascended, showing a dinosaur close-up, and it’s truly magnificentthe developers have clearly mastered theUnreal Engine 5. Be careful though, this is a capture taken with mode Photo of the game, which often helps to embellish the image, be careful to see gameplay before exalting ourselves further.

If you don’t have next-gen consoles yet and private servers don’t scare you, you can find ARK: Survival Evolved from €15.58 on Amazon, Cdiscount Or there Fnac.

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