Arkesia Paper Hat Chest Lost Ark: How to unlock it?

Available in early access since February 8, Lost Ark is having a very nice launch, while its final release, in free-to-play, takes place on February 11. Be that as it may, the servers have, unsurprisingly, seen the arrival of many players, who have been waiting for this MMORPG experience for many months.

Lost Ark being supported by Amazon Games, which publishes the title in the West, it is not surprising to see that the famous Twitch Drops are activated, allowing you to get your hands on various objects. Since February 8, and in order to celebrate the release of the game, a special pack can be collected by all players, or almost, the Legends of Lost Ark pack, including several bonuses, including the Arkesia Paper Hat Chest.

How to get the Arkesia Paper Hat Chest on Lost Ark?

If you’re new to Twitch Drops, know that you don’t have to do much to collect the Arkesia Paper Hat Chest on Lost Ark. Know that you only have to link your accounts and watch content creators on Twitch, which must be eligible for the offer, naturally. In order not to waste time, here are the steps to follow to collect the Arkesia Paper Hat Chest.

  • Link your Twitch and Amazon Games/Lost Ark accounts (you should already be logged in if you did this for New World). You can go to this address to do so.
  • Follow the steps by logging into Steam and Twitch.
  • Then enable Twitch Drops.
  • Follow eligible streams with “Drops Enabled” in the channel tags.
    • To be sure, you can use this link to find partner content creators.
  • It will take watching a total of 4 hours to retrieve the contents of theArkesia Paper Hat Chest.

To make sure you’re watching the right streamer, you should normally see this message appear at the top of the chat (on PC).


After 4 hours of viewing, you should receive a notification on Twitch letting you know that you’ve unlocked theArkesia Paper Hat Chest. Everything will be added to your in-game inventory within hours. Note that this may take some time. Progress can be tracked here.

Several levels of rewards can be unlocked, depending on the evolution of the event. In total, here is everything that can be recovered:

  • Chest of Battle Items → automatically unlocked.
  • Archesia Paper Hat Chest (contains one of 5 unique paper hats) → unlocked at 6,000 points.
  • Helgaia Pet Chest (contains one of 5 Helgaia pets) → unlocked from 12,000 points.
  • Neugier gold frame → unlocked from 18,000 points.

The event ends on 1er March 2022, which gives you time to get the Arkesia Paper Hat Chest, but also the two other bonuses, which will be available very soon. The points tally can be viewed here.

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