Arm yourself for the fall – PCR lollipop tests fixed: phased out

The next pandemic autumn will probably be challenging. A broad roll-out of the Corona lollipop tests should now ensure safety, at least for the little ones.

It took a little longer, but now the time has come: The PCR lollipop tests in the kindergartens are coming. Initially, it is planned to expand the use of the tests by district. Starting in May, Hernals will have 43 locations (755 children) and Währing will have 54 locations (1003 children). Then it’s Floridsdorf and Donaustadt. An 18.4 million euro budget was released in the municipal council on Wednesday for the broad roll-out. Lollipop tests are “made in Vienna” The worldwide unique corona test procedure was invented and developed in Vienna. Under the leadership of Manuela Födinger at Klinik Favoriten. The tests play a particularly important role, since there is still no approved vaccination for children under five years of age and the smallest of the little ones cannot gargle yet. The rollout is being carried out for municipal and private kindergartens and children’s groups and should ultimately include 1629 locations. The test is carried out together with the parents at home, then handed in at the kindergarten and brought to the laboratory by a messenger service. Unlike in schools, however, the PCR test is not mandatory for children in kindergartens. “All experts agree: the preparations for autumn must take place now. We are already right in the middle of the Viennese kindergartens,” said City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SPÖ). “The announced expansion of the PCR lollipop tests brings another million dollar business for the red Viennese test mafia,” criticizes FPÖ chairman Dominik Nepp. The new people’s party, on the other hand, is happy about the implementation: “With today’s decision in the municipal council, the lollipop tests demanded by the people’s party are finally being implemented and set in motion,” says ÖVP municipal councilor Silvia Janoch. The tests do not fall within the monthly quota of five PCR tests per person.
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