Arma Reforger is announced and is already available in early access, while Arma 4 is preparing

It’s been a long time since fans of the series Weapon are waiting for a new episode, after a Weapon 3 released almost 9 years ago. Bohemia Interactive fortunately has good news for all those whose patience has come to an end, since the studio announces the arrival ofArma Reforgea new title available in early access, which is presented as the first step towards the future release ofWeapon 4.

Arma 4 is coming, but this standalone makes us wait

Arma Reforge makes his presentations on video, but he also has excellent news for us, sinceit’s available now in early access on PC and Xbox Series.

This standalone makes us travel again on the island of Everon, which has been reimagined here with more different settings, in particular with more water points, such as lakes and rivers. This large play space offers more possibilities than ever before, while the game presents two multiplayer modes to discover.

The first is called Conflict and is played in teams (Americans or Soviets), with the aim of capturing strategic points on the map, while the second is called Game Master and invites you to play the true masters of the game, by creating confrontations yourself between the two camps. On PC, the game will be entitled to the tools of the Workshop to create many mods which can then be shared with the community.

No official date for the full release of this Arma Reforgebut the team promises that the game will continue to be followed, even when Bohemia Interactive is busy with Weapon 4.

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