Armenia, journey to the sacrificed country

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REPORTAGE. Attacked again by Azerbaijan on September 13, the Armenian Republic fears for its survival. In the silence of his allies.

By Marine de Tillyspecial envoy to Armenia

Artur, a 34-year-old shepherd, was killed in Azerbaijani shelling on September 13. His father (foreground), his family and all the neighbors came to pay their last respects to him in the village of Tegh on September 24.
© Chris Huby / Chris Huby/Le Pictorium for “Le point”

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Ilham Aliyev is a dictator who imprisoned any opponent in Azerbaijan for nineteen years; a warlord who exalts the crimes perpetrated by his army – and even makes museums of them; a neo-sultan who entertains the West with secular hymns while encouraging religious extremists to act as political proxies; and a history-less revenge who considers Armenia a “occupied territory that must be liberated” ; but he is not a secretive. On September 22 in Lachin, a vital corridor that once linked Armenia to Nagorno-Karabakh (and which his army seized by force during a lightning offensive at the beginning of August), he made no secret of his his ambitions.

“No phone call, no statement or initiative, nothing and no one can stop us…

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