Armin Laschet: His family exudes “Hollywood” charm

Armin Laschet
His family exudes “Hollywood” charm

Susanne Laschet, Armin Laschet and son Johannes Laschet

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Armin Laschet could become Germany’s next Federal Chancellor in a few days. Time to take a look behind the political facade of the chancellor candidate – because it is anything but boring there.

Armin Laschet, 60, has had to take a lot of criticism in recent weeks, but still has a chance of becoming the next Chancellor of Germany. This is shown by the current Forsa survey for RTL / ntv, according to which the CDU with 22 percent is only three percentage points behind the previously leading SPD with 25 percent.

Time to take a look behind Laschet’s political facade, because the family of the CDU party chairman is no less exciting than his fight for the chair.

Armin Laschet: His son, the “Hollywood” influencer

Laschet grew up with three younger brothers in Aachen, volunteered at a Munich radio station in the late 1980s and then worked as a freelance journalist for, among other things, Bavarian television. He met his wife Susanne Laschet, 59, at primary school age. The couple married in 1985 and have three children. So far, so normal. But the oldest child, son Johannes Laschet, who only calls himself Joe Laschet, did not want to pursue a classic career path. Maybe it’s because of his obvious resemblance to Hollywood’s womanizer Ryan Gosling, 40?

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The fact is: Joe wanted to be in the spotlight – unlike his siblings Julius and Eva. The fashion influencer has almost 100,000 followers on Instagram. There he has been providing his followers with fashion photos in a gentlemen look for years. This has fascinated him since he was a child. Laschet writes on his blog, where he gives fashion tips, that he consciously wore a shirt for the first time at the age of 13. Joe describes himself as an “enthusiast of classic menswear”. Whistle in mouth, checked pattern, slide cap, leather gloves, round sunglasses, James Dean look over the shoulder. The blogger has especially perfected the latter, but still looks like Ryan Gosling.

Johannes (Joe) Lascht and girlfriend Andrea Böhringer

Johannes (Joe) Lascht and girlfriend Andrea Böhringer

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His partner Andrea Böhringer, with whom he has been spotted on red carpets several times since 2018, also bears a certain resemblance to – what a coincidence – Eva Mendes, 47, actress and wife of Ryan Gosling. Nothing more is known about his girlfriend, with whom he seems to have been in a relationship for several years. According to his Instagram profile, Joe Laschet cooperates with fashion, watch and pipe brands.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

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These are the other two children of Armin and Susanne Laschet

Eva and Julius Laschet, Joe’s younger siblings, are not in public and are extremely rarely seen with their parents at events – like here at a CDU election party in 2017. According to her LinkedIn profile, Eva, the second-born of the candidate for chancellor, graduated from high school in 2011, studied law in Cologne and completed several internships, including at ARD. Today she works as an assistant producer at the media production company Orangepeak Media.

Julius Laschet, Susanne Laschet, Eva Laschet and Johannes Laschet: The Laschet family at an election party

Julius Laschet, Susanne Laschet, Eva Laschet and Johannes Laschet: the Laschet family at an election party

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The youngest member of the group, Julius Laschet, works in the TV sector – for the ARD “Sportschau”. This is one of the few pieces of information that can be found on your Instagram account, which is otherwise on private.

And what about Armin Laschet’s wife Susanne? She supports her husband, with whom she still lives in her home town of Aachen-Burtscheid. She herself works as a bookseller and came into contact with high-level politics at an early age. Her father Heinz Malangré was a brother of the then Mayor of Aachen, Kurt Malangré.

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