Arms deliveries: “Westerns are rallying to the idea that Ukraine can embark on a war of reconquest”


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War between Ukraine and Russiacase

The United States and its Western allies met on Tuesday in Ramstein, Germany, to organize arms deliveries to Ukraine. For researcher Elie Tenenbaum, this aid is a turning point that could allow the Ukrainians to counter-attack against Russia.

“Move heaven and earth” to win Ukraine against Russia. The ambitious promise of the United States has only one possible translation to avoid a third world war: arms deliveries. This was the meaning of a meeting between Washington and its allies this Tuesday at Ramstein in Germany. A turning point in the war according to Elie Tenenbaum, director of the Center for Security Studies at the French Institute of International Relations.

In addition to the Americans, many European countries are multiplying announcements of delivery of heavy weapons. What are we talking about exactly?

We are talking about a big change, it is a second phase of arms delivery. The first, just after February 24, concerned so-called “defensive” weapons, that is to say that they are used to counter an enemy attack, even if their effects can be lethal. Since then, we have reached a certain plateau with the requests made by Ukraine for more offensive or versatile means (combat planes for example). The Americans have long remained quite cautious, but the evolution of the situation has made them change their minds for two reasons. First the Russian withdrawal from the north and northeast, which demonstrated the success of the Ukrainian army. Then, the discovery of war crimes in Boutcha broke political barriers on the acceleration of arms deliveries.

We are therefore witnessing a new slice of material that is much more offensive. Let’s mention the vehicles of…

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