Arnaud Ducret: “I have a lot of respect for what my wife does”

TF1 gave Arnaud Ducret total freedom for an evening, to be seen on TF1, Tuesday August 16 at 9:10 p.m. Result: sketches, parody sequences, music and performances by several of his comedian friends !

How was born the concept ofArnaud Ducret in all its formswhich combines stand-up and fiction?

ARNAUD DUCRET: Following the Concert of the Enfoirés in which I took part this year, Mathieu Vergne, from DMLS TV, asked me to imagine a “carte blanche” in prime time on TF1. Attractive idea but I wanted to include parodies in it. And I was told: “You do what you want!”

Among them there is BPI,your version of the series HPI. Were you sure that Audrey Fleurot would agree to appear there?

Nope ! I appreciated that she came to do it. We borrowed her outfit, which is stored in Lille, between two shoots. With Audrey, we know each other since the movie Divorce Club,by Michaël Youn, and the series Lies for TF1.

In one of the sequences, with Virginie Hocq, we see you dubbing a pornographic film. Is it true that you did it when you were a student?

Yes, I did, but not often. It was to pay for my lessons. I talk about it in my show That’s Life, which I will resume next January. No one but Virginie could do as well. I remember one of her sketches, where she was very raw…

Tom Villa is your co-writer, he’s also on stage tonight. How is he a “brother” for you?

If we had been in the same class, we would have had a really good time! He’s a big hard worker. He invests himself totally as an author, while having the gaze of the spectator.

Why did you invite your wife, Claire Francisci-Ducret, for a pole dance number?

I have a lot of respect for what my wife does. It is necessary to make known to the public this discipline which has nothing to do with what one can see in strip clubs. We are in circus art. There are more and more people in his school, it is the fruit of his work.

When will we see you again on TF1?

We are currently working on a fiction in the action/adventure register. We also discuss the co-production of my film The True Story of Master Li,one of the characters from my first show, a karate teacher.

For this show, you were filming on the Mourillon beach, in Toulon. Do you spend your holidays in the South?

Yes, in Saint-Tropez! It’s a bit cliché but I like it. It was my wife who made me discover… When I was young, I looked at pictures in magazines and said to myself: “One day I will be there! »

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