Arnaud Ducret supported by his wife Claire Francisci for an unprecedented evening with several artists

Last June, TF1 put on a unique show carried by Arnaud Ducret. On the giant stage installed on the beaches of Mourillon in Toulon, he recorded a humorous entertainment called Arnaud Ducret in all its formswhose programming is expected on Tuesday August 16 at 9:10 p.m. on the first channel.

Combining one-man show and fictional sequences, Arnaud Ducret will offer viewers a totally innovative evening in which many of his artist friends participated. “Arnaud Ducret is a talented comedian and humorist, but also a television show host. TF1 has thus asked him to host the program which brings together his comedian friends around him during this evening.“, explained the production.

Arnaud Ducret was able to count on the presence of Élie Semoun, Michaël Youn, Audrey Fleurot, François-Xavier Demaison, Jeff Panacloc, Cartman, Samuel Bambi, Virginie Hocq, Tom Villa, Edgar Yves, of the group Les Coquettes, of Laurie Peret, of Tareek, of Élodie Poux, of Fauve Hautot, of Arthur, of Maxime Gasteuil, of Ragnar Le Breton, of Nikos Aliagas, of Harry Roselmack, of Gérémy Credeville, of ‘Elodie Poux but also and above all of his wife Claire Francisci. This last one is dancer and pole dance teacher. She will also deliver an impressive number of her activities, as we can already guess thanks to the photos in our slideshow.

Crazy in love with the beautiful blonde, the actor could certainly not do without his services for this memorable evening. Recall that the couple recently united for the second time on May 30 in Provence. They then flew to Greece for their romantic honeymoon.

Appointment next August 16 on TF1 from 9:10 p.m. for this summer evening placed under the sign of humor!

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