Arnaud Ducret: With his mouth deformed after an accident, a man saved him from the worst…

Recently featured in Divorce Clubby Michaël Youn, and Tender and rare by Christopher Thompson, Arnaud Ducret is on all fronts. On September 7, 2022, the actor is the hero of the comedy The visitor from the future, a comedy by François Descraques with Mac Fly and Carlito. He embodies a local elected official propelled into the future, where he will have to manage terrible issues. At one time, however, the 43-year-old actor experienced a catastrophic tragedy … and believed that he could never assume his image in front of the camera again.

I had a scooter accident a very long time ago

Asked about his heroes, by the magazine Gala, Arnaud Ducret did not hesitate for a second. The professionals he idolizes the most in the world are the surgeons, and especially those who took care of him in difficult times. “So many years of study and so much knowledge: I admire themhe explains. I had a scooter accident a very long time ago, my mouth was deformed and the surgeon who saw me at the time totally fixed me. I wouldn’t have had the same life without him. He has my eternal respect.”

I think back to my impatience when it came to helping my son

One day, someone told Arnaud Ducret that he had a “face too neutral to do this job“. We could not be more wrong than that! The actor is a hit on small and large screens and, on the heart side, he is not to be pitied either. In July 2021, he married his partner, Claire Francisci, at Mont- Saint-Michel Before crossing paths with the sublime dancer, he had been in a relationship with Maurine Nicot, whom he had met on the set ten years before the start of their relationship on the set of the star Academy. From this first union, he had a son, Oscar, who is now 9 years old. He had also had to take care of him during confinement, for his greatest pleasure, but not only! “I think back to my impatience when it came to helping my son with his homeworkhe recalls. It’s a tough job.”

Find the full interview with Arnaud Ducret in the magazine Gala, n°1526 of September 8, 2022.

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