Arnold’s regulars’ table: James Cameron visits Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold’s regulars’ table
James Cameron visits Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger works against environmental pollution and climate change.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is committed to the environment. As part of an initiative, he welcomed director James Cameron for an interview.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (73) has been drawing attention to climate change for many years, for example with “The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative”. The Hollywood star has now published the first edition of “Arnold’s Stammtisch”. In the video format which can be seen on YouTube, welcomes Schwarzenegger director James Cameron (66) for an interview via video chat.

At the opening, Schwarzenegger Cameron first explains what a regular’s table is all about. The director asks jokingly: “Do we have to wear the lederhosen?” Cameron is currently working on the sequel to his mega-success “Avatar – Departure to Pandora” from 2009. He says that filming with the actors for the second and third films has been completed and that elements of “Avatar 4” are already in the Box.

Cameron is currently editing the material. According to the current status, the second part is expected for the end of 2022. Part three should be released in December 2024 and films four and five then in 2026 and 2028. When asked whether Cameron Schwarzenegger might want to reveal a little secret about the upcoming films, the director unfortunately does not want to reveal any details. But he jokes that he will tell his friend more details over a schnapps in private.

“We have a fever right now”

Of course, the conversation is also about environmental issues. Cameron is certain that the environment and human wellbeing are “absolutely interrelated”. Climate change can be seen as a kind of “fever”. “We have a fever right now,” explains Cameron. And this very fever, which could become “life-threatening” in the coming decades, must be cured: “Healthy planet, healthy people.”

Like Schwarzenegger explained on Twitter, it is the first of many upcoming editions of his Stammtisch, to which he will be inviting ecological pioneers for informal discussions in the next few months.