Around 30: ZDF series gets new edition as a film

The ZDF series "Around 30" is to be continued as a film – with the cast from back then, including Natalia Wörner and Dominic Raacke.

The next series should return: As the "Bild" newspaper reported on Saturday (22nd August), the ZDF series "Um die 30" from the 90s will be continued as a film. The six main actors are all there again: Natalia Wörner (52), Dominic Raacke (61), Susanne Schäfer (57), Jürgen Tarrach (59), Catherine Flemming (53) and Bruno Eyron (55).

From "Around 30" to "Around 50"?

"It's crazy. When I asked my colleagues whether they would be there again, nobody hesitated," said Dominic Raacke to "Bild". Together with director Ralf Huettner (65) he wrote the script for the film. The plot should take place over a weekend. The sequel should be entitled "Um die 50" and then be shown on ZDF. A broadcast date has not yet been set.

There are only a few episodes of the series "Um die 30", which were broadcast in 1995 and 1997. It is about six friends Frank (Raacke), Tina (Wörner), Carola (Schäfer), Carlo (Tarrach), Sabrina (Flemming) and Olaf (Eyron), all around 30. The script was written by Dominic Raacke and Ralf Huettner and the latter directed.