Arrest of a jihadist in Germany: regional anti-terrorism prosecution seized

This man, whose identity is not revealed by the authorities at this stage, is suspected of “conspiracy to commit a crime or murder”, indicates this prosecutor’s office in western Germany in a press release. .

“There is evidence showing that the suspect may have been in contact with a person residing abroad for criminally reprehensible reasons,” he said, without further details. The prosecution examines its possible presentation before a judge.

“Indications of a possible attack scenario”

This man was arrested late Tuesday at his home in Duisburg, also in western Germany, with police indicating they had received “indications of a possible attack scenario.”

According to several media, it is a jihadist, Tarik S., known to the police. Der Spiegel magazine and the popular Bild newspaper claimed that police had received information from a foreign intelligence service that the man might be planning a truck attack on a pro-Israel rally, even though he did not It is not clear whether or not he has already targeted a specific demonstration.

The alert was deemed serious enough and the man was arrested under the Risk Prevention Act. The prosecution gives an indication suggesting that the person arrested is indeed Tarik S.

Strengthening security

He specifies that the suspect was sentenced in 2017 after his return to Germany “by a Düsseldorf juvenile court to five years in prison for belonging to the jihadist organization Islamic State (IS)”, which is the case of Tarik S. This German-Egyptian went to Syria at the end of 2013 via Turkey, where he joined ISIS. His combat name: “Osama Al Almani”, Osama the German, recalls Der Spiegel.

Germany has increased security around Jewish buildings since October 7, when Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel, which responded with massive bombings of the Gaza Strip.

The deadly conflict has caused an upsurge in anti-Jewish acts in the country. A synagogue was notably targeted by Molotov cocktail throwing in Berlin, which caused no damage or injuries.

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