Arrested for domestic violence, he uses his baby as a shield against the police

The young man was arrested Sunday noon by the police.

The scene took place on rue de Wervicq, in Bousbecque, in the Nord department, on Sunday June 6 around noon. Help was called for acts of violence by the wife and mother-in-law of a 22-year-old young man, as reported by La Voix du Nord. Seeing the police, the man got scared and grabbed his one year old son ” to protect himself “.

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He also threatened to jump out the window with the child if the security forces stopped him.

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Placed in custody

After talking to the police, the young man finally abandoned his son on a piece of furniture in the apartment, before climbing a railing and fleeing on foot. He was arrested shortly after by the police.

Violence against women: Victory! the 3919 is now permanently reachable

Placed in police custody, he was brought before the Lille prosecutor’s office on Tuesday. The baby, who was not physically injured, was taken in by the emergency services along with his 24-year-old mother.

If you are a witness or victim of violence, call 3919, a national, anonymous and free helpline for women victims of violence and those around them.

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