Art: he finds several paintings in trash cans worth millions of euros

In the Connecticut region (United States), a mechanic recovered many works of art, which he had discovered in garbage cans.

It all started with the discovery of Jared Whipple in 2017. The American mechanic discovered many paintings and drawings in the dumpster of a barn. Seduced by these very colorful works of art which represented car parts, he wanted to know more about the provenance of these paintings and began to undertake research.

After four years of investigation, Jared Whipple is convinced to have traced the origin of these works, which he attributed to Francis Hines, also known as “The New York Wrapper”. The artist who died in 2016 had been made famous thanks to several emblematic monuments of the city, which he had wrapped in several materials, including white polyester fabric.

The family of Francis Hines authorizes the mechanic to sell his works

Another exceptional discovery: the barn in which the mechanic had discovered the paintings was one of Francis Hines’ workshops. Faced with such a coincidence, Jared Whipple contacted the family of the painter, who authorized him to keep or sell these works, which are estimated at several million dollars.

These paintings discovered in a trash can are worth nearly 22,000 dollars respectively, while the drawings were estimated at around 4,500 dollars each. The recovered works of art will be exhibited at the Hollis Taggart Gallery in Southport, Connecticut, as well as in Chelsea, from May 5 to June 11, 2022.

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