Arthur dad fulfilled: he reveals a rare photo of his son Aaron who has grown up well

Aaron is the son of the designer of Caroline Nielsen who is also the ex of Patrick Bruel and with whom Arthur was in a relationship from 2009 to 2012.

I’m a daddy hen, clingy, who drools on the cheeks of his children

Father of three children including Samuel Essebag (25), born of his past relationship with Léa Vigny, his companion in the 1990s, Arthur seems to want to erase the mistakes of the past as he confided in an interview with Paris Match in 2015 : “For a long time, I believed that my happiness depended on success. And then I woke up, I did not see my children growing up. My life is now organized according to the time I will spend with them, who live in two different countries. They are my backbone“, he said. And to add: “I’m a clingy daddy who drools on his kids’ cheeks. I take advantage of the present time with them and it makes me feel good.

More recently, on June 29, 2022 on AirZen Radio, Estelle Lefébure’s ex had opened up like never before about his family life: “I am a father, my anxieties are linked to my children, to the world we are going to leave them. When I come home, I make stupid jokes to my children, all the time (…) My passion, it’s reading Carambar jokes to my 7-year-old daughter who looks at me like an alien, it’s telling her bedtime stories that don’t make sense and that end up in space. my thing !”

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