Artificial intelligence is becoming part of employees’ daily lives

“Imagine, you are coming back from vacation. And there you have hundreds of emails to read before starting the day. Well, thanks to artificial intelligence [IA] from Slack, you no longer need to spend hours reading them all. With just one click, you will have access to summaries of discussion threads. » In a video conference from California, Slack’s vice president of research and analysis, Christina Janzer, particularly likes this example.

She is convinced that the deployment of this type of innovation, disseminated by the communication platform to its customers since February 14, will allow time savings and better quality communication between employees. “According to our studies carried out with employees, half of the meetings currently held could be canceled without any real consequence for the company”adds the head of Slack’s Workforce Lab.

As businesses explore AI-powered solutions, communication is one of the increasingly important aspects of in-house applications. “The personal use of AI by employees has created a sense of urgency in companies to develop their own AI”explains Yann Ferguson, researcher at the National Institute for Research in Digital Sciences and Technologies (Inria), emphasizing the need for the organization to protect its data. “Without corporate AI, habits become established and people will no longer want to use the tools offered by the company”adds the sociologist.

Source of inspiration

TotalEnergies, which had launched a test phase with 300 employees six months ago, announced on Tuesday February 27 that it was deploying the generative AI assistant Copilot for Microsoft 365 to all of its workforce to “enhanced operational efficiency”. The group has decided to train each of its employees in 2024 to use these new tools. “ New generative artificial intelligence or “low code no code” technologies will provide them with the simplification and autonomy necessary to further put their skills and creativity at the service of our company’s transition strategy. declared President and CEO Patrick Pouyanné.

Some companies opened up this area very early on. In the innovative health insurance group Alan, for example, the use of AI has been effective since 2022. According to the director of human resources (HR), this has already changed the way of communicating. The internal portal offers employees access to different AI models (OpenAI, Mistral AI, etc.) to communicate with colleagues or with the outside world. “These are assistants that allow us to better formulate our messages by structuring them more clearly or to write them in a corrected foreign language”, explains HR manager Paul Sauveplane. When the president of the group addresses the teams who are in Belgium or Spain, “he sometimes records the message in French with a video that is dubbed into the original language below, and it takes ten minutes”he describes.

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