Artist collective MSCHF sells paper bags from designer labels

The shopping bags from expensive labels are popular: paper bags from luxury brands are now available from the artist collective MSCHF for $ 40.

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The art collective MSCHF sells empty paper bags online from luxury brands such as Rolex, Fendi and Hermès. The action is a swipe at the consumer society.

You know the pictures of paparazzi snapshots in which stars leave stores like Chanel, Hermès or Fendi – their arms fully loaded with paper bags from designer shops:

The artist collective MSCHF sells so that even those who do not have the necessary change can look like they are rich now empty paper bags from Brands like Rolex, Fendi and Hermès.

All bags together cost 480 dollars (approx. 445 francs).

All bags together cost $ 480 (approx. 445 francs).


For $ 40, the equivalent around 37 francs, can you get one of twelve – Note empty – buy luxury bags. In addition to the paper bags from big labels such as Prada, MSCHF also offers bags from less luxurious brands such as Ikea, Victoria’s Secret and even plastic bags all for the same price on. The campaign was christened by the Onlybags collective, and all bags have been available for purchase on the website of the same name since Tuesday, but they are she already out of print.

This is what it looks like on the Onlybags website.

This is what it looks like on the Onlybags website.


The aesthetics of consumption

“If you can’t consume at the level that social media and the stories about being a celebrity have drummed into you – and you know that you can’t – you can at least achieve the aesthetics of this consumption,” says the manifesto to Onlybags.

The project is a critique of consumer behavior our society and also takes the stars into the mangle: «An arm full of pockets brings you closer to people who have an arm full of pockets themselves. Who they are? Celebrities, be it because of their talent or wealth – the most noticeable consumers. “

MSCHF uses this picture to illustrate its Onlybags Manifesto, among other things.

MSCHF uses this picture to illustrate its Onlybags Manifesto, among other things.


Despite the criticism, it is said to feel incredibly good to cross the streets with an arm full of luxury paper bags, as MSCHF itself writes: «If there is one thing we know about buying our bag samples, it is that a walk with (empty !) Bags from Balenciaga, Valentino and Rolex is a real power trip. “

Designer paper bags on Ricardo, Ebay & Co.

With Onlybags, the artist collective also shows how absurd it is to pay extra for branded packaging – just to convey the image that you can afford its contents. Empty designer bags are sold dozens of times on resale platforms such as Ricardo, Tutti or Ebay.

Stars like Kylie Jenner are

Stars like Kylie Jenner are “the most conspicuous consumers”, according to MSCHF.

Instagram / kyliejenner

«At first I thought that maybe with that Keep things at home or want to recycle them as a gift box for someone», sO a saleswoman of luxury-Ppaper bags for the online magazine «Input» about their customers – including influencers and influencers. As told, some influencers use empty luxury bags as props for Instagram pictures.

It’s not the first time MSCHF has been with an sbevel Project draws attention to itself. So the collective was already behind the sneakers with human blood by Lil Nas X for 950 francs and sold finches from Birkin Bags for 68,000 francs. Against this is their latest coup nearly a bargain.

What do you think of the fact that some people buy empty paper bags from luxury labels? Do you keep the tote bag yourself when you treat yourself to something expensive?

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