Arverne sets up a liquidity contract with the company Crédit Industriel et Commercial SA – 09/25/2023 at 08:32

(AOF) – Arverne Group, an industrial player in the geothermal and low-carbon lithium sector serving the energy transition, entered into a liquidity contract on September 18, 2023 with Société Crédit Industriel et Commercial SA in accordance with the Amafi charter, and with effect from September 19, 2023. This liquidity contract was concluded in accordance with AMF decision no. 2021-01 of June 22, 2021 establishing liquidity contracts on equity securities as an accepted market practice.

For the implementation of the contract concluded with Crédit Industriel et Commercial SA, the following resources were allocated to the liquidity account: 300,000 euros in cash, 50% of which, or 150,000 euros, called on the day the contract was signed.

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