As promised, PUBG is now available for free-to-play

PUBG made its revolution. It was so far one of the only titles of its kind to offer a paid entry formula, which did not succeed too badly since despite this, it is still very popular today. But it is about to become even more so by becoming free-to-play, starting now.

Free at the entrance, but paying for the ranked games

If you had never played PUBG, you can now download the game for free with its update 15.2 and create an account that will give you access to the vast majority of the experience. However, not everything is accessible for free, since PUBG Corporation has implemented a named paid upgrade Battlegrounds More.

By paying an additional € 12.99, you will then have access to personalized matches, XP boosts, and especially ranked mode, as well as some G-Coins and skins. The establishment of this service is justified by the desire to discourage cheaters, who would lose much more in the event of ban, and who would thus have less chance of disturbing the classified games.

If you already owned the game before it went free-to-play, you can now get the “Battle-hardened Legacy” skin

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