Ashley Graham opens up about her postpartum hair loss

Since the birth of her son Isaac on January 18, 2020, Ashley Graham has never stopped showing all aspects of motherhood and postpartum and it feels good!

Plus-size model Ashley Graham has become an icon, even more so since becoming a mom. Unfiltered and honest, she does not hesitate to show motherhood as it is without embellishing it.

Thus, on her Instagram account, the young mother does not hesitate to talk about changes in her body, breastfeeding or more recently, her hair loss which occurred a few months after the birth of her son. “All my hair has fallen out. It was even more traumatic than giving birth because I was like, “my hair is falling out in clumps – what am I doing?” And then I realized it was normal. My skin was also a little itchy and I had a bit of rosacea (a skin infection) that I had to fight ”, she confides to the magazine Parents.

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As usual, the young woman had also published a photo of her regrowth on the forehead, with a lot of humor. “I might not be a James Bond girl, but I could be a James Bond villain” she joked in the caption.


During her interview, she also evokes a feeling that all parents know: guilt. Once the baby has taken its footsteps and maternity leave is over, moms go back to work.

A return to normal life for Ashley Graham which has not been easy. “I would say the hardest part is definitely the mum’s guilt about leaving. And the first time I left was when I was parading at Milan Fashion Week… It was the first time I was going to leave him – it had been eight months. I had a lot of milk set aside, but the mere thought of leaving it made me feel so guilty. Then when I got on the plane, I thought, “Wait a minute, I could consider this a vacation.” And that’s what I did for four days ”, confides the model.

An inspiring woman who does not hesitate to play down all everyday situations!


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