Ashley Graham uninhibited: she assumes her body


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Each pregnancy is unique and unlike any other. To get the message across, supermodel Ashley Graham fully embraces her pregnant body on social media, and she’s right!

Ashley Graham and her husband Justin Ervin will soon be expanding their family! Already parents of a little Isaac born in January 2020, on social networks, the couple formalized the model’s second pregnancy last July.

Recently interviewed by People magazine, Ashley Graham gave valuable advice on how to live her pregnancy as calmly as possible. First, it is important to be surrounded as well as possible, by close and trustworthy people.
But the main thing is to accept that this unique experience can turn a lifetime upside down. Ashley Graham is convinced of one thing: we must break the taboos about pregnancy. It is a unique event that turns the body upside down both on the outside and on the inside.

“I think the best thing I did was find a community of moms and when I’m pregnant I find other pregnant people to call and ask them questions because this pregnancy is so different.”, she said.

Completely comfortable with her forms and great fervor of Body Positive, the top model does not hesitate to share pretty pictures of her pregnancy on social networks.
This Tuesday, August 31, on her Instagram account, Ashley Graham posted a series of photos of her pregnant belly with the caption: “a series of my well greased belly ”.


Through her publications, Ashley Graham tries to uninhibit her community. No pregnancy is the same, every woman is unique and a body that carries life is beautiful even if it is small, big or even deformed.

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