ashton kutcher and mila kunis reveal they only wash their kids

Guests in the Armchair Expert podcast, the couple made revelations about the rules of hygiene applied within the family.

These are revelations that are sure to make an impact on the Web. Guests on an episode of American actor Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert, on July 19, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher made a very remarkable appearance. The reason ? A hygiene concept applied within their family, with their two children, Wyatt, born in October 2014 and Dimitri, born in November 2016.

It is the actress Mila Kunis who launched the subject, explaining not to have known hot water in her youth, which considerably impacted her hygiene. “I didn’t have hot water when I was little. So I didn’t shower often. And when I had kids, I didn’t wash them every day either. I was not the kind of mother who washes her baby every day ”, she declared. A bias with which her half, Ashton Kutcher, who became her husband in 2015 could have disagreed with. And yet, the latter even supported him in his statements. “I am going to tell you. If you see any dirt on them, then wash them off. Otherwise, there is no point in doing it. I wash under my arms and crotch every day, but nothing else ”, he bounced back. To conclude, Mila Kunis said to wash her face “twice a day”, especially after sports to remove sweat.

Twitter gets carried away

The blue bird social network definitely reacts to all the news and can be very mocking. A conception of the hygiene a little particular of two celebrities and it did not take more for Twitter to be adorned with its finest same.

Very quickly, humorous videos and images of people visibly embarrassed by a foul odor invaded the feed. “Me when Mila Kunis and Ahston Kutcher’s children enter the classroom” or “The head of the Uber driver when he takes them in his car”. Reactions edited in the tone of humor which, we hope, will amuse the couple.

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