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Ashton Kutcher: He Will "Love Forever" Demi Moore's Daughters

Ashton Kutcher (41, "Two and a Half Men,) spoke openly about the relationship with the daughters of his ex-wife Demi Moore (57) in the podcast" WTF "by comedian Marc Maron (56). He consciously endeavors to Kutcher said Rumer (31), Scout (28) and Tallulah Willis (26) – her father is actor Bruce Willis (64) – will stay in touch, and he will never forget the time he spent as her stepfather ,

"It was eight years ago. Tallulah was the youngest at nine, Rumer was twelve or 13 when Demi and I started going out. Tallulah was just graduating from high school," Kutcher said. He had brought up the teenage girls and still love them today. "I will never stop loving, respecting and accepting them, supporting them in everything they strive for in their future."

Kutcher appreciates and respects Bruce Willis

Of course, he didn't want to urge Moore's daughters into contact because he wasn't her father. He had never tried to be that, he had always respected and valued Bruce Willis. "He is a great person and a wonderful man." It does not impose itself on anyone, but so far it has worked great. However, he doesn't spend any time with Demi Moore, says Kutcher.

Demi Moore caused a stir in September 2019 with her autobiography "Inside Out". In it, the actress reveals, among other things, that her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher is said to have betrayed her several times. In addition, she disclosed that she had stayed clean for 20 years after an addiction treatment and had fallen back into addiction while on vacation with Kutcher. Her daughters and ex-husband Bruce Willis then broke off the contact.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore had been dating since 2003 and gave their yes in 2005. The separation finally followed in 2011, and in 2013 the marriage was divorced. Kutcher has been married to fellow actor Mila Kunis (36) since 2015. The two have two children, daughter Wyatt (5) and son Dimitri (3).

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