Asparagus burger in the test: How does the McDonald’s seasonal burger taste?

Asparagus burger
Test: how good does the burger taste during the asparagus season?

Asparagus tips between roll halves: Can the asparagus burger convince in the test?


Asparagus is and remains popular, especially in the high season. But is an asparagus burger a tad too far? The taste test brings it to light.

Yes, it may be a cliché how obsessed Germany is with its asparagus as soon as May has broken. But why not? Fresh asparagus with fresh potatoes and hollandaise sauce is and remains a delicacy for many of us that we do not want to do without. But does this love carry over to the asparagus burger that is now being sold at McDonald’s?

Asparagus burger in the taste test: top or flop?

At first glance, the combination of flavors sounds a bit hard to get used to: Asparagus sticks and hollandaise with minced meat patty and burger buns? An RTL reporter, herself a butcher’s daughter, does the taste test and comes to a clear conclusion – see for yourself!

Source: RTL